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Russell Simmons’ major f*** up, Simmons should visit the Harriet Tubman Sculpture in Harlem



Pardon my French in the headline, but Russell Simmons needs some serious training in black history and he clearly should come to Harlem ASAP to pay respect to the amazing Harriet Tubman, the African-American abolitionist and humanitarian during the American Civil War, after the stunt his music label pulled. What in God’s green earth were they thinking? Read the clip here on what happened cause I’m not going to repeat Russell Simmons’ major screw up. But I do think he should do more after that error.

If you haven’t heard the latest, Russell Simmons is sorry now for the recent actions of his music label and he offered his apologies. Whatever! In my view, this screw up by Russell Simmons needs further action by him.

Lets start with…how about paying respect to this great woman by visiting the sculpture in Harlem dedicated to her, ie the Harriet Tubman Sculpture at 122nd and Frederick Douglass Blvd? Show some real respect Russell Simmons! Honor this American by visiting an area in Harlem dedicated to her! Feel free to use the visit as a photo-op too. You could use it right now.

Pay up too for this mistake. Russell Simmons should support his apology writing out a big fat check to an African-American organization of his choice that supports women. After all, if you’re truly sorry for this insult to Harriet Tubman (and all women), putting your money where your mouth/apology is will make it more authentic/PR effective. What do you say, Russell?

And last, from one yogi to another, cause those of us who practice yoga know you like this ancient Indian practice, why not distribute material on YouTube that enlightens the world, not trashes it?

Not sure where the Harriet Tubman Sculpture is located? To visit the Harriet Tubman Sculpture, take the B or C subway line to 116th Street or A or D train to 125th Street or take your limo! The sculpture stands at the crossroads of St. Nicholas Avenue, West 122nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem.