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Celebrate the website redesign of GetHealthyHarlem.org at Harlem Tavern

GetHealthyHarlem.org, a health information website where Harlem residents, families, businesses and organizations can find local information about getting and staying healthy, is have a special gathering tonight at Harlem Tavern. They are celebrating the launch of their website redesign.

According to the organization, viewing and posting information will be much easier on their website, such as a community calendar where readers can post their own events. Go to their website to learn more or better yet, join in on the celebration, it starts tonight at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m. at Harlem Tavern. RSVP to gethealthyharlem@gmail.com

Part 5: NYLean25 fitness challenge in Harlem turning out results

May 25, 2011 @ 7:30

For the month of April, we have been hearing about the NYLean 25 fitness challenge from our HarlemCondoLife reader.  That month came and went. So what’s next? Our HCL reader tells us she has decided to extend the program into May. Let’s hear why!

Dear HarlemGal,
Since everything is going so well on the NYLean25 plan working out in Harlem, I decided to extend the program. For the last week in April, NYLean 25 founder and instructor Robert Brace wanted me to try the Turbo Diet plan. This is a fat burning diet meant for quick results.  It is designed to strip down your fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake while relying on protein to provide you with energy.

I want to tell you what the meal plan consists of and what I had to eat :

Breakfast- Egg whites or an egg white omelette for breakfast

Snack-  Tuna (no mayo) or 2% cottage cheese or turkey slices

Lunch- A salad with chicken, tofu, tuna or halibut w/ red wine vinegar as the dressing

Snack- Same as above

Dinner-   6 oz of chicken, tofu, tuna or halibut, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber and red wine vinegar

You can eat as many green vegetables as you want. Stay off the alcohol. Water is the only drink recommended, but zero sugar, zero calorie beverages are also an option.

This was no easy task. I had friends in from London and Dallas and lots of social activities planned. I even had another work event BACK at Dylan’s Candy Bar!

The only thing that has kept me going on the NYLEAN25 plan is that I have actually been seeing RESULTS!  Other people have noticed it too. So, I decided it was time to take out that box of clothes I had stashed away in the bottom of my closet with stuff that no longer fit. It felt incredible when I was able to fit into a pair of denim capris that I couldn’t come close to even buttoning last year! Some things are still tight, so I still have a way to go, but I am feeling really great about my progress!

Here is NYLean25 Weight Loss tip #4 for all you HarlemCondoLife readers:

Eat Slowly and Stop When Hunger Ceases

Eat slowly and stop when you are no longer hungry before you feel full. Savor each bite and you’ll probably feel more satisfied than if you “wolf” it down in just a few minutes. Don’t eat in front of TV or while on the computer. You should be focused on your food and listening to your body tell you its full

I will share with you my final days on NYLean 25 soon. So far, I am so glad and happy that I joined the NYLean25. Working out in Harlem has been challenge, but very rewarding.

Part Four: Spring temptations test NYLean25 April challenge

Apr 25, 2011 @ 10:30

Our series continues with our HCL reader taking the NYLean25 April Challenge on behalf of HarlemCondoLife.com. In this diary entry. she reports how temptation to eat sweets was at every corner.
Dear HarlemGal,
I am in the home stretch of my NYLean25 April challenge. It’s been going great. 20110425-120905.jpg
However, there are times when its tough. For example, when temptation creeps up right under you at the work place.
Recently, I resisted doughnuts in the office kitchen. Later, a co-worker actually came in to my office with the box to offer me one. I mean, really?!? It wasn’t easy, but I declined. I felt skinnier just for doing that!

However, doughnuts were not the only problem. The other day I resisted the feast on the table in our office kitchen. There were all sorts of fatty sandwiches and cookies and brownies. There was also the catered kid’s birthday party. My god-daughter’s outing was at Dylan’s Candy Bar in the Upper East side (I must admit I did have a few starburst) and then
there have been several Spring work functions with lots of tempting foods and drinks. The temptations really never end! These are not the foods on the NYLean25 diet for sure! I’m not saying I never give in, but if I had it my way, I’d be noshing on a lot more junk food. I have to be honest!

Given all this temptation, I am…well…tempted to have all those things that are not good for me. I need some help readers! How does one resist temptation to cheat on one’s diet? My training and diet with NYLean25 is going very well, but there are so many things that can throw me off. My new motto is WWRD (What would Robert, the trainer and founder of NYLEAN25, do? He would not eat the doughnuts that’s for sure!

Part Three: Harlem Gal Inc reader drops three pounds on NYLean25 April challenge

Apr 14, 2011 @ 11:30

We have another diary entry from our HCL reader, who is taking the NYLean25 April Challenge in Harlem. She has good news to report!
Dear HarlemGal,
Week one on the NYLean25 is over and I lost three lbs!  I am ecstatic!  Every Friday we get weighed in and measured at the Kennedy Community Center on 135th St in Harlem. We were at Twirl Lounge, but the class got to big so we moved to the Kennedy Community Center.

It’s very hard for me to lose any weight, so I had to do a double take at that scale.  I also lost two inches in my waist.  I thought that must have been a mistake, so I tried on a pair of jeans yesterday and noticed a difference.  I know week two is going to be a bigger challenge.   Isn’t that the infamous week on  the NBC television program called The Biggest Loser when everyone gains weight or stays the same?

I decided to hit up NYLean’s website for some more support.  The at-home workout plans are very easy to read with videos embedded in the descriptions.  The cool thing is one can actually submit a workout log to your trainer.  You can do the same with a food log.  I’ll be submitting that to my trainer Robert this week.  Let’s see what he says!  The website also has articles on fitness, recipes and a calorie counter.

By the way, I used the tip below today when I got a serious craving for some chocolate. I even went a step further and did a teeth whitening session that involves having a tray in your mouth for 40 minutes.  You can’t eat with that on!
Tip #2:  Brush your teeth or eat a mint.  If you get hungry and feel you’re going to cheat, drink a big glass of cold water and then brush your teeth.  If you aren’t in a position to brush your teeth when the craving come on, then pop a sugar-free mint or piece o mint-flavored sugar-free gum.

While doing the tip #2, think this thought: “There is no food that tastes as good as being lean feels!”

Until next time…

HCL reader C2WL

Part Two: NYLean25 day two was tough at Twirl Harlem

Apr 7, 2011 @ 11:00
On Monday, we told how one of our readers is taking the  NYLean25 April Challenge on behalf of HarlemCondoLife.com.  She provides her second diary entry. And based on her words, NYLean25 is getting demanding and at the same time promising.

Dear HarlemGal,
I’d like to first say a quick thanks to my fellow HCL readers for the comments they posted so far. It’s a big help to me and I want them to know it. Keep those comments coming in!

I went to my second class at NYLean25 at Twirl Lounge in Harlem. The class was so full the moved us to the Kennedy Community Center in Harlem.

Day two proved to be much harder than day one. I didn’t realize just how sore my body was until I worked it out again! This session we focused on legs, so there were lots of squats, leg lifts and all that fun stuff. Each week focuses on a different area, so one class will be legs, another will be arms, followed by core. All sessions include high intensity cardio intervals, which is no joke!

I must admit I wasn’t very good on the diet that goes along with the program for the first few days. I hadn’t gone food shopping with my work schedule packed, so I was improvising with stuff I already had. The diet consists of a high fiber, low carb breakfast, non-creamy soup and/or salad for lunch and dinner, and a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon. I finally went food shopping. Currently, I’m stocked up with the right food. I have no excuse!

NYLean25 gave me a list with nine weight loss tips.  I will share them with you throughout my diary entries.  Here is tip #1: drink a minimum of 8 glasses of COLD water a day.  You will burn around 150 calories of energy to heat the cold water to body temperature while simultaneously boosting your metabolism.  (And it’s good for your skin and hair too.) I could go for that!

More soon…

HCL reader committed to weight loss (HCL reader C2WL)


Harlem Gal Inc reader takes on NYLean25 April challenge

Apr 4, 2011 @ 11:35
We were approached recently by NYLean25 to join their program for the month of April at Twirl Fitness Lounge in Harlem. NYLean25 is a 25 minute, three times a week fat burning class. At first we thought, how nice! That’s so sweet. Then we thought, are they trying to tell us something at HCL, like winter is over get off your computer duff! Finally, we said how cool. However, we think this opportunity would be better served through the eyes of a HarlemCondoLife reader. They agreed and we immediately found a willing participant! This HCL reader, female and who asked to remain anonymous, agreed to submit diary entries and photos about her NYLean25 experience. Her other request she wants from us is to cheer her on and provide constructive feedback! I think we can help her out…si?

Dear HarlemGal,
I am tired of the Wii Fit telling me I am overweight! I work out regularly, but I HATE going to the gym! When HarlemCondoLife offered me the opportunity to join NYLean25 for the month of April, I chomped at the bit! Thanks so much!

20110404-121751.jpg I am now committed to working out with NYLean25 three times a week for one month. Each session is only 25 minutes!

This is what the program involves:
-Interval training: an exercise technique that alternates between short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short rest periods or low intensity activity. It is known to burn fat faster.

-Toning and muscle confusion to keep muscles toned and avoid plateaus.

-Good form and posture: performing exercises with the correct form increases the effectiveness of muscle toning and strength building while reducing the possibility of injury.

-A choice of 2 eating plans.

-Weekly weigh-ins and measurements.

I have a hard time with staying motivated, so being in a program that keeps me accountable for my actions is exactly what I need! I like that NYLean25 includes an excercise AND eating plan. Believe me, I know from experience that you can’t expect to see much results by doing one or the other. I arrived on my first day and got weighed, measured and had my body fat taken (ugh!).

20110404-121835.jpg Then the class began, led by the creater of NYLean25, Robert Brace, who is in the photo above. Robert is a very attractive former professional dancer with 10 years experience in the fitness industry. He has a cute British accent to boost. The class started off intense right off the bat! There was 25 minutes of push-ups, squats, cardio and ab work. I felt challenged, but not overwhelmed. I’ve taken some very intense bootcamp classes that had me dreading going back. Thankfully, I don’t feel that sense of dread with this class.

My goal for the month is to lose five pounds and maybe, just maybe, wear my bathing suit to the beach without board shorts over it!

Until next time. And wish me luck!

HCL reader committed to weight loss


Calling Doctor Diego in Harlem

Jul 17, 2009 @ 11:11
By HarlemGal
Tienes un headache, sore throat or the flu? Well, look no further! Doctor Diego has arrived in Harlem on the ground floor of 111 Central Park North. According to his website, Dr. Diego hablan en espanol and does home visits. Que suave! Pero what insurance does he take?