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Ron Perelman raises a cool million for Harlem’s Apollo Theater

It is showtime at The Apollo Theater, but in the Hamptons…to raise money! Ron Perelman, who joined the Apollo Theater board last year, has been throwing quite the fundraising shin-dig at his Hampton’s estate and packed with celebrity power.

Last year, Jon Bon Jovi came out for the first fundraiser and he attended again this year, along with Jaime Fox and Alicia Keys. Apparently, the event that happened this past weekend in the Hamptons raised more than $1 million for Harlem’s famous music venue versus last year where the event did not even reach a million dollars. And guess who donated food to the event? Yup, you guessed it! Marcus Samuelsson.

If this fundraiser happens again and keeps charging guests $2500 a ticket, Ron Perelman will probably reach $2 million dollars next year. Must be nice. And good for the Apollo Theater that their board works for them. The more dinero for our beautiful venue, the better! Ron go for two next year!

Apollo Theater celebrates Harlem Week with ‘Mama, I Want to Sing-The Next Generation’

A few days ago, I mentioned how Mama, I Want to Sing-The Next Generation performance schedule was extended to the end of the year. The musical is currently playing at the  at the Dempsey Theater, located at 127 West 126th Street, in Harlem. Now I learn that the cast of Mama, I Want to Sing will be performing at the Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night the evening of August 10. This is all in celebration of Harlem Week 2011!

According to the Apollo Theater literature, “the original production of Mama, I Want To Sing was a 1983 Broadway musical created by Vy Higgensen and based on the life of her sister Doris Troy, a young gospel singer, who steps away from the church for the chance to perform at the legendary Amateur Night.”

If you want to see the cast of Mama, I Want to Sing at the Apollo Amateur Night, click here to order tickets. If you live in Harlem, the Apollo offers half price ticketing for select events. To take advantage of the special offer, Harlemites must purchase tickets at the box office on 125th Street.

Watch: Reignn Acedera sing at The Apollo

May 20, 2011 @ 13:49

By HarlemGal
Youth took to the stage at The Apollo recently for Amateur Night and boy did it shine bright! Watch Reignn Acedera sing a Whitney Houston song at the The Apollo Theater for the famous Amateur Night. She does a good job and clearly wants a singing career. If you go to YouTube she has several videos!

And by the way, she won the kids division at Amateur Night at The Apollo. Read the story here and see another video!

My family Walkabout in Harlem

Nov 30, 2010 @ 13:06

By HarlemGal
While The Wall Street Journal recently posted their Walkabout in Harlem with Vibe Magazine Co-CEO Brett Wright and the WSJ’s Lee Hakwins, I want to share how I did my very own Walkabout with family members who were visiting Harlem from out West during Thanksgiving week. My Walkabout in Harlem included four kids, one adult (appearances will be smudged for obvious reasons) and one objective: to show them why I love Harlem and how they’ll end loving Harlem right back.

For clarification, two kids were entirely new to New York City. The other half have visited NYC before, however they never received a thorough Walkabout in Harlem. So what did I show my family in Harlem? Let’s begin.

First stop was Morningside Park. Since I had four kids with me, I wanted them to see the greenery that Harlem has to offer. After we walked through parts of Morningside Park, I challenged the kids to race each other up on one of the section of steep steps. I said, “pretend you are Rocky and race to the top.” And so they did! They reached the top in no time. I mentioned how some of the steep steps are workout areas for locals.

After the park, we walked over to Columbia University. I had to be a good and influential family member who must encourage education into the minds of little ones. I wanted them to see an Ivy League located in West Harlem.

Next on the list was St. John the Divine. The kids could not believe they were seeing something so massive and majestic! I told them when they get older and travel to part of Europe, they will see similar cathedrals.

We then made our way to Frederick Douglass Circle. Some of these kids have teachers as parents so I wanted them to learn a bit about Harlem’s history through sculptures. I also wanted them to ask, who is this sculpture of? It was a perfect segue to explain what they were seeing.

Next stop was the Duke Ellington sculpture. At this stop, I took the opportunity to remind both kids and adult that Harlem is the birthplace of jazz and that Duke Ellington played a major role. My family was impressed with the size and scope of this sculpture. And of course the kids wanted to stand underneath the sculpture. When your little, how can one resist.

The weather was perfect during our Walkabout in Harlem and Harlem Meer was a Fall magnet. My family thought this part of Central Park North was absolutely gorgeous! On that day my relatives wanted to just hang by the pond and watch the geese and ducks swim by!

To end the Walkabout in Harlem, we headed to 125th Street to see Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater and partake in some street vendor shopping. On 125th Street the kids purchased t-shirts that said “Harlem or I love Harlem.” Clearly, my family Walkabout in Harlem was a success. It caught on to youth clothing that will be worn out West. My objective was…mission accomplished!

Harlem in watercolor through the eyes of a local artist

Feb 24, 2010 @ 7:55

Watercolors by Lynn Lieberman

By HarlemGal
Since our inception well over a year ago, HarlemCondoLife (HCL) has been introduced to several interesting people living and working in Harlem-particularly local artists who have a positive link to Harlem. HCL would like to introduce  some of these individuals to you, along with their work, in hope that you will be moved and amazed by the wealth of talent that lives right here in our Harlem community. We certainly are impressed and excited to have you meet some of these talented individuals on our blog site. To help us kick off our first HCL Artist Profile, first up is a local watercolorist. In a Q&A (questions and answers) format, meet Lynn Lieberman in her own words on Harlem in watercolor.

Watercolors by Lynn Lieberman

What is your area of specialty? And why do you feature Harlem in your art work?
My primary area is watercolor. I live, work and create right here in Harlem.  Most of my work is small format-note cards of everything from the famous Lenox Lounge to Apollo Theater to Lee Lee’s Bakery, where Mr. Lee displays my painting of his bakery. In an effort to capture more of Harlem, last year I created a watercolor map of Harlem, which was updated this year and can be viewed on my website.

As for why Harlem, we have street after street of graceful prewar buildings, each with their own unmistakable curves and lines. Many have been home to the people who reside there for decades, and signs of love and longevity protrude from window boxes, along with flower pots and signs in the windows.

Watercolors by Lynn Lieberman

Does Harlem move and inspire your art work?
Inspiration here in Harlem is endless for a watercolorist.  No matter how many times I walk the streets of Harlem, I always see something different and new to paint, from the Harlem Meer in the Fall to Fields Court at Christmas to the colorful Minton’s Jazz Club, Mike’s Newsstand on 122nd Street and Lenox Avenue, and to Tonnie’s Minis, where they also display my note card painting of the place.

Watercolors by Lynn Lieberman

Is it challenging to use Harlem in your work?
The only challenge to painting Harlem is what to leave out.

Aside from watercoloring Harlem, HCL has to ask what are some of your favorite things about it?
Harlem Seasons. At the first sign of Spring and all through the Summer, window sills are abound with color right up until Halloween pumpkins and Christmas trees with lights. No Holiday is forgotten here.

Watercolor by Lynn Lieberman

Harlem people. Where else in this City can you find people sitting on the sidewalk in their beach chairs enjoying a beautiful Summer evening or barbecuing in front of their building?

Harlem has a plethora of green space from our major Parks to our local Green Thumb gardens-giving us easy access to hours of walking or bike riding from the minute we walk out our front door.

Watercolors by Lynn Lieberman

Our diversity is great. I was born here in the City and have lived in a variety of places over the years, always returning home. Harlem is a place where I feel most comfortable and the place where I live with my family.

And Harlem has s vibrant art community with plenty of ongoing events at the Studio Museum of Harlem, the Harlem Arts Alliance and Casa Frela Gallery, which represents my work.

Watercolor by Lynn Lieberman

In full disclosure, I have purchased notecards from Lynn as gifts. They were a hit on the receiving end with friends and family. Don’t miss out on seeing Lynn’s work in person. Her work is currently hanging, with framed pieces for sale , at Native Restaurant and Il Caffe Latte-both on Lenox Avenue and for sale unframed at www.afinelyne.com

Watercolor by Lynn Lieberman

And if you know of a local artist we should spotlight on HCL, who resides in Harlem and their work is linked to all things positive about Harlem, please send your recommendations to feedback@harlemcondolife.com.

Where to hang in Harlem, NY Times style

Sep 20, 2009 @ 12:28
By HarlemGal

Photo by The New York Times

Photo by The New York Times

As a Harlemite, I get tickled pink when I see The New York Times feature our neighborhood…again. They featured some excellent places to hang out in this weekend’s edition, however let’s not forget there is a ton more in our fabulous neighborhood of Harlem to visit than the Times mentions.  They could have referenced Nectar or 67 Orange or even the Apollo Theater as places to visit. Then again there is only so much copy space in a print and online publication. That’s why blog sites such as HarlemCondoLife, HarlemOneStop, Harlem+Bespoke and UptownFlavor are here as another option to learn more about Harlem! If your wondering where to go in Harlem, any of these blog sites can assist!

Long lines at MJ public memorial in Harlem

Jun 30, 2009 @ 14:37
By HarlemGal
HarlemCondoLife went to go check out the scene early at The Apollo Theater for the Michael Jackson public memorial. Based on these photos provided by Austin2Harlem, HCL’s new guest blogger, the lines are wrapped around the corner on 125th!

Apollo Theater holding MJ public memorial

Jun 30, 2009 @ 11:09
By HarlemGal
Fans will be allowed into The Apollo Theater today from 2:15 to 8:30 PM to remember the “King of Pop.” Fans will be able to leave flowers and memorabilia at the foot of the Apollo stage. If you are interested in attending, better hurry up and take the A train to 125th Street. According to some tweets on Twitter, there is a long line forming already! See you there!

HCL Tribute to Michael Jackson

Jun 27, 2009 @ 10:07

Short dresses are the fashion look at The Apollo’s 75th anniversary celebration

Jun 12, 2009 @ 18:13
By HarlemGal
While some major blogs are covering The Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel and her wardrobe malfunction at The Apollo Theater’s 75th Anniversary Gala, HarlemCondoLife, who had inside access to the gala and after party, can happily attest that many women at the event looked very sharp and classy in their fashionable attire. I saw a lot of short cocktail dresses that looked very nice and chic. Thank goodness the gala served soul food in a box. This allowed guests to continue mingling and looking great. In addition to the mini dresses, women wore mid to floor length dresses that donned colorful fabric. Below are some of the looks at this year’s gala. Everyone looked great and extremely stylish! What can you expect from The Apollo Theater?