Honeycomb Burgers to join Harlem’s restaurant row

May 9, 2011 @ 11:58

By HarlemGal
The block on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 119th and 120th appears to be filling up with places to dine pushing this part of Harlem along as restaurant row. First there was Moca, which was really the pioneer in dining in that specific space, then Chocolat, followed by Bad Horse Pizza and now we are getting a burger joint called Honeycomb Burgers. Could this be the half answer to our diner prayers? Several readers here on HCL have been pleading to the blog universe asking for diner in Harlem! Maybe this is partially it? Also, the Cupcake Suite Cupcakery has been trying to open in that block as well, but got derailed due to investor challenges.
As for who is behind Honeycomb Burgers, we are hearing chatter that a local/seasoned restaurateur is involved. Hmmm… We’ll wait until the burger is ready before we comment further!

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