Harlem’s Honeycomb Burgers aiming to open by end of summer

I was at Chocolat recently enjoying their happy hour (more on that later) and while there I inquired about the status of Honeycomb Burgers, located on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 119th and 120th Street. The word is they are hoping to open the place by the end of summer. Harlemites can hopefully expect a new burger joint around August or mid September. We all know the drill when it comes to opening these establishments. Deadlines are very fluid. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the hamburger prices will be reasonably priced at Honeycomb Burgers in Harlem!

Leon Ellis, the owner of Moca and Chocolat, owns Honeycomb Burgers. He is clearly expanding his restaurant business in Harlem and will soon dominate this particular block in Harlem once his third business opens. Good for Leon and best wishes for continued success! Can’t wait to have a burger there!



4 responses to “Harlem’s Honeycomb Burgers aiming to open by end of summer

  1. HarlemGal, any mention of why it is taking up such a huge store front presence? Not necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t think In have ever seen a burger place occupy such a vast amount of space. Seems a little strange unless it was going to be a diner, but then wouldn’t it be called a diner?!

    Also, we went to Chocolat at the weekend and they lost 2 sets of customers (9 people) within ten minutes of us sitting down to brunch because of a very limited and inaccurate brunch menu. The place was empty besides us and a couple of other people. The food was great though, so I REALLY hope they sort this stuff out. They have been open long enough to have all of this in order by now.


    • @Chris. No word on strategy around space. That’s a great question. If I get the opportunity again to inquire, I will definitely ask. And sorry to hear about brunch being empty due to lack of preparedness. I always thought the place was empty in it’s early days, however I have been there for dinner and it’s always been packed! So dinner maybe it’s strong suit?

  2. I pass by the Honeycomb storefront every day. While it is long, it does not seem very deep fromthe peeks I got from it. In any event, it will be a welcome addtion to the neighborhood, which is short on these types of establishments.

    I know Leon Ellis’ intent is to have a reasonably priced family oriented place that seats 100, which will serve grass fed beef burgers along with veggie and turkey burgers as well as smoothies and such. I am looking forward to its openning and its addtion to the FDB resturant row.

  3. Any updates? Progress seems to be stalled…disappointing :o(

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