Say it’s not so, Red Rooster Harlem graded a C

I am reading in The New York Daily News today (Sunday) that our Red Rooster Harlem was graded a…gasp…C from the New York City Department of Health. Say it ain’t so? I was there last week along with my companion and, as always, the food was outstanding. Also, patrons can see the kitchen when you walk in and if you are seated right by it inside it’s in full view. The Red Rooster kitchen appears to look like a Mercedes of kitchens run by only the best drivers. I cannot believe this and agree with the person quoted in the article: “If this [Red Rooster Harlem] is a C, then how do dirty jerk chicken joints in Flatbush get A’s? This place has a brand-new kitchen. I’ve seen it.”

I have no doubt that Marcus Samuelsson and his team are “on it.” Given how driven of a team they are, they will not rest until they get that A. Count on it!

2 responses to “Say it’s not so, Red Rooster Harlem graded a C

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