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Guess who received an A grading in Harlem?

It was only a matter of time before Red Rooster in Harlem would receive the top grading from NYC Department of Health. This past week, Marcus Samuelsson took to twitter to enthusiastically announce that his establishment on Lenox Avenue received an A grading from a C. In a July 10 post I mentioned how it was not going to take long for Marcus and his team to make that change and it certainly didn’t take long.

So if anyone out there was actually hesitating to go to Red Rooster in Harlem because of its previous health grade rating, which I seriously doubt there was, you can now head on over to the Rooster in Harlem and dine at a place with an A grading. I was at Red Rooster last weekend with a guest from Atlanta. We went over there after the Harlem Week kick off event. We had dirty shrimp and rice, oysters and Helga’s meatballs. And as always, it was perfection!

Say it’s not so, Red Rooster Harlem graded a C

I am reading in The New York Daily News today (Sunday) that our Red Rooster Harlem was graded a…gasp…C from the New York City Department of Health. Say it ain’t so? I was there last week along with my companion and, as always, the food was outstanding. Also, patrons can see the kitchen when you walk in and if you are seated right by it inside it’s in full view. The Red Rooster kitchen appears to look like a Mercedes of kitchens run by only the best drivers. I cannot believe this and agree with the person quoted in the article: “If this [Red Rooster Harlem] is a C, then how do dirty jerk chicken joints in Flatbush get A’s? This place has a brand-new kitchen. I’ve seen it.”

I have no doubt that Marcus Samuelsson and his team are “on it.” Given how driven of a team they are, they will not rest until they get that A. Count on it!

What should President Barack Obama order at Red Rooster Harlem?

Mar 29, 2011 @ 7:00
By HarlemGal
The barricades are up on Lenox Avenue and 125th Street, the $30k checks are in, and the articles have been written about how POTUS Barack Obama will be in Harlem this evening (March 29) at Red Rooster. I feel like I have all the information that’s out there about this visit with the exception of one thing! No one has covered the menu for this swanky fundraiser-that I am aware of. I wonder if there is a special menu for 30 grand. Let’s pretend there is not a special menu and that President Obama is using the everyday dinner menu for this expensive occasion. Under this scenario, shall we ask the question? What should President Obama order at Red Rooster?

First off, I think he should hang out at the bar for a while and throw back a few drinks, such as the Brownstoner or Rooster Punch. POTUS Obama needs to drink a lot so that he can move the Secret Service out-of-the-way in order to stand close to the window so some of us can see him from afar. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Then after a few cocktails, Obama should sit down with guests that should be asked to fork over another $30k for actually getting to eat at Red Rooster before most Harlemites get to and then discuss reelection strategy over cornbread, Pulled Pork; and Dirty Rice and Shrimp. Those food items seem appropriate for the conversation and asking for the additional funds…don’t ya think?

For the main course, I believe Obama should either have the Braised Oxtail or the Uptown Steak Frites. For $30,000 dollars a head, OBAMA PLEASE DON’T EAT CHICKEN or FRIED YARD BIRD. That is a no, no given the price guests are paying to dine with an awesome POTUS. Plus the Food Network police will never forgive you or Marcus if you eat chicken at such an expensive event!

As for desert, it is a toss up on what Obama should order. I like both the Sweet Potato Doughnuts or Spiced Bread Pudding. I have had them both and they are delicious!

After his fabulous meal at Red Rooster Harlem, I hope President Obama walks a long rope line near the popular restaurant and shakes plenty of Harlem hands. My guess is there will be a ton of people waiting and watching for him to arrive and depart. Given who President Obama is and what Harlem stands for, in my opinion it would be a perfect way to end the evening to what I am assuming will be a perfect meal.