Cedric French Bistro and Bar chooses red color scheme similar to other Harlem establishments

I was walking along St. Nicholas Avenue this past weekend and could not help but notice the brand new awning hanging outside the old Mojo Harlem, which will now be-and hopefully opening soon-Cedric Bistro. In April, The New York Post was the first to report that “a hot new bistro was coming to Harlem,” at St. Nicholas and 119th Street. The Post also noted that Cedric would open in June. That did not happen. However, if you walk by Cedric you can see the work they are doing. They have their bright red color awning on display outside. Also, if you peak in on one of the windows, it’s clear red will be used in various parts of the restaurant, such as on seat covers and on their newly built booths. Red appears to be a popular color in Harlem lately when it comes to opening new establishments. For Cedric, Red is a nice transition from the previous color scheme, which I believe was more plum and purple tones.

Can’t wait to see the final touches on Cedric in Harlem. They should be opening in the summer as well! Stay tune…





2 responses to “Cedric French Bistro and Bar chooses red color scheme similar to other Harlem establishments

  1. Wow, overpriced soul food and vulgar lavender-centric design couldn’t keep Mojo afloat? That’s baffling.

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