Head to the Caribbean tonight at 5 and Diamond’s Sunday Supper Club

So the snow arrived earlier than expected and the cold temperatures are upon us. How to deal with the weather change? I have one solution! Head to the Caribbean tonight. Not literally. Go there via cuisine by attending the Sunday Supper Club at 5 and Diamond Harlem, located near the corner of 113th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Tonight, 5 and Diamond Harlem will incorporate cuisine and music from different parts of the Caribbean with a modern vision. The meal will be cooked by Darryl Burnette and here is what is planned for the menu:

  • House made Caribbean chips with mango guacamole.
  • Mini chile glazed Shrimp Tacos
  • Crab crusted Red Snapper tostones habanero ginger oil
  • Slow roasted Suckling Pig with Coconut Moros y Cristianos (black beans & rice)
  • Upside down Pineapple gingerbread cake with Jamaican Rum Carmel

Caribbean music will be served up as well. Steel pianist Winston Theobold from Trinidad and Tobago will perform. Winston is a versatile performer, arranger, and composer of steel band music and plays everything from classical to Calypso on his Tenor pan. Joining Winston will be folk singers from the Caribbean-American Chorale, directed by Gail Blache-Gill.

Dinner seating begins at 7:00 p.m. and prix fixe is $65. To attend, call the restaurant at 646 684 4662.

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