Become a part of 67 Orange in Harlem…literally

67 Orange in Harlem has come up with a creative way  for all of us to share in its antiquity through a campaign titled “Become a part of history at 67 Orange.” That’s right! If you want to become a permanent fixture at 67 Orange, here is how you can stake your claim.  Go to and choose the level of donation you would like to make. There are two options to choose from and they are limited so jump on it if you’re seriously interested.

The first option is  for a $500 donation 67 Orange will create a drink and name it after you. Think about it? Having a drink named after you? That’s “sick.” And the second option is for $250 where you can have your name engraved on a brass plate, which will then be placed on one of their bar stools. That’s so “juiced.”

So the next time you’re at 67 Orange in Harlem, you just might be sitting your a**  rhymes with brass on someone you know or better yet, we maybe sitting on your name!

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