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Become a part of 67 Orange in Harlem…literally

67 Orange in Harlem has come up with a creative way  for all of us to share in its antiquity through a campaign titled “Become a part of history at 67 Orange.” That’s right! If you want to become a permanent fixture at 67 Orange, here is how you can stake your claim.  Go to RockHub.com and choose the level of donation you would like to make. There are two options to choose from and they are limited so jump on it if you’re seriously interested.

The first option is  for a $500 donation 67 Orange will create a drink and name it after you. Think about it? Having a drink named after you? That’s “sick.” And the second option is for $250 where you can have your name engraved on a brass plate, which will then be placed on one of their bar stools. That’s so “juiced.”

So the next time you’re at 67 Orange in Harlem, you just might be sitting your a**  rhymes with brass on someone you know or better yet, we maybe sitting on your name!

Drink up at the Second Annual Harlem Bar Crawl set for October 25

The women behind Experience: Harlem, i.e. Angie Hancock, along with the help of a few others, is organizing a Harlem Restaurant and Bar Crawl October 25. It is their second pub crawl and as expected, they have lined up all the great eating and drinking establishments on Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem for one night of cocktail specials. In addition, the organizers will donate $1 from each purchase to Food Bank NYC to benefit food kitchens in Harlem.

How can you participate? Go here and purchase a bracelet for $20. This will allow you to take advantage of drink specials from 6:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. at anyone of the establishments listed in the photo. And if you purchase your bracelet now, you will receive a two-for-one special. That means a $10 savings. Not bad! Hey, don’t take my word for it. It’s all outlined on Facebook!

See you at the Harlem Bar Crawl.

A little bit of Poland comes to 67 Orange Street in Harlem

This past week I attended 67 Orange Street’s Cocktail Educational Series in Harlem and let me say, I have a new-found appreciation for that cocktail I order and for the person behind the bar making it. I had no idea what (or the hard work) that goes into a drink until I went to 67 Orange, located at 2082 Frederick Douglass Blvd. I had my cocktail breakthrough this past Tuesday where Zu Vodka, bison grass vodka from Poland, was the guest of honor.

Karl, the owner of 67 Orange and his guest from ZU, gave a quick presentation on ZU and then presented handcrafted cocktails with ZU Vodka. I had the Smokin Thyme, which included fresh raspberries with thyme, agave, lime juice,shaken with Mezcal, St.Germain and Zu. It was very good.That drink was right up there with my usual order at 67 Orange, the Baxter Street.  I gotta have that jalapeno flavor-even in my drink! If you like some caliente flavor to your cocktail, try the Baxter Street!

To learn more about what goes into a cocktail and find new appreciation like I did, check out the CockTail Educational Series at 67 Orange in Harlem. Their next series takes place August 2!