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Harlem art mural opening celebration June 8 at 110th Street and FDB

Remember how there was a mural contest for Harlem students that would cover the fence at the northeast corner of 110th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd? Well, the contest is over and the art is up and hanging everywhere on the fence where the old gas station use to be and soon were a new condo will be in Harlem. Passerby’s can view the art by taking a stroll to this part of Harlem.

Tomorrow, Sunday, June 8 at 11 am there is a public celebration honoring all the incredible art work that was submitted for the contest. All of us are invited to attend. See details below and see you there!






Harlem Mural Contest, art to cover fence at 110th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd

There is an art mural contest happening in Harlem! The deadline is April 11. Here’s the details: Harlem art students, community members, school children involved in the arts should send their art work to publicmural@gmail.com. The various art pieces that come in will be used to create a huge mural to be printed on large-scale printed vinyls to go on the construction fence across on the corner of FDB and 110th Street. That’s where a new Harlem condo building is going up where the old gas station used to be.

See flyer below for more details.

2040 Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem to become apartment complex, gas station employees let go before the holidays

We now have confirmation on what will happen with the Harlem gas station at 2040 FDB. It will become an apartment building. We’ve pretty much known all along what was going to happened to the gas station. Details leaked out last August. Read the latest details here.

What we’ve also learned recently is that more than 20 gas station employees were let go right before the holidays. I guess the developer couldn’t wait until January. Grinch!


See photos of long lines at gas stations along 145th Street in Harlem

Soon after I blogged about the Harlem gas station on 110th Street and FDB posting a sign saying “no gas,” comments have come strolling in on Facebook and via email. At 9 pm this evening (November 1), a reader sent in pictures of what’s happening at the gas stations along 145th Street between Lenox Avenue and FDB. According to the reader, the lines for gas are four to five blocks long and for one Shell station near Pathmark at 145th Street, the line of cars extend around the corner to FDB then down three blocks to 142 Street. The reader also states police are detouring traffic across 145th St. because of the long gas lines.

For several days now, the main stream media has been reporting that gas supplies are limited and can’t be delivered due to the port of NYC being closed. The result is long gas lines everywhere. And people are also buying fuel for generators. Take a look at the photos the reader sent in. And a big thank to the reader for keeping us informed on the gas situation!




Sign says ‘no gas’ at Harlem gas station

On 110th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., did anyone notice the BP gas station on the northeast corner already has a sign up that says “no gas?” This particular gas station is always busy so not too surprised by this. It is where most taxi and/or gypsy cabs in the area fuel up. Hope this place is able to get gas soon. I’ve already experienced a cab telling me they can’t take me somewhere ’cause they have no gas! Has anyone else had this experience recently with a cab?



Harlem gas station in demand


According to The New York Post this morning (Aug 20), the owners of the Harlem gas station on 110th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd have been busy fighting off the City of New York from taking over their property.

The article states that Carmie Elmore and a partner took over the gas station in 1981 when Harlem was seedy. Now that Harlem is hot and has been on an upward trajectory for a while, the city apparently owned it at one time and wants its gas station back. Each entity is heading to Manhattan Supreme Court to make its point.

When I first moved to Harlem and was looking at apartments to buy, I remember either my broker or another local telling me this farfetched, ridiculous statement about this corner…get ready for this, which was that it was being eyed by the Donald Trump himself. Did anyone else get fed this line when buying an apartment in South Harlem? I recall someone mentioning that Donald Trump was interested in the Harlem gas station because he wants to own property bookends on the westside of Central Park–one property already exists at Columbus Circle.

Crazy stuff huh? But now that I am reading this article, it makes me wonder what the City is really up to? If Mr. Elmore and his business partner own the gas station and they don’t want to sell it, shouldn’t that be the end of the discussion? Punto! What do you think?

Pedi cabs available to Harlem residents on Earth Day

Safe, Healthy, Affordable and Reliable Energy (SHARE), in collaboration with local Harlem restaurants, churches, pastors and prominent elected officials will celebrate Harlem Earth Day, April 22, by offering free Pedi Cab rides to local residents. Pedi Cabs  will be available from 11 am to 3 pm on Frederick Douglass Blvd from 110th to 125th Street-rain or shine.

And don’t forget about Harlem Earth Day. Harlem Park to Park has organized for us our very own Harlem Earth Day on April 22nd to coincide with Global Earth Day! Harlem Earth Day will include a day of family friendly activities to promote the Earth Day mission of promoting awareness on environmental issues, including Green Energy Use, Recycling, and Clean Air. See you at Harlem Earth Day!

Experience the three C’s in Spanish Harlem

Jun 30, 2010 @ 7:30

By HarlemGal

I recently had the opportunity to experience the three C’s at the Museum of the City of New York located at 103rd and Fifth Avenue in Spanish Harlem. What do I mean by the three C’s? I am talking about Cars, Culture, and the City, the first exhibition to explore the Big Apple’s century-long relationship with the automobile. I was fortunate enough to see Cars, Culture, and The City at the beginning of the week (June 28), along with a one time special event at the Museum called Designing Women. (See slide show of the exhibit below!)

The special event was about how female designers at General Motors (GM) have had a critical impact on car design. Christine Park, one of the lead designers at GM, gave an in-depth demo on how they sketch at the company. It was very impressive to see Park sketch especially when she created an initial sketch of a car right before the audience’s eyes and then revealed what the final product looked like in real form. Pure talent comes to mind when thinking about Park. And it was interesting to see that talent; however, the actual exhibition at the Museum about cars and its connection to New York City was much more fascinating. Call me biased, but I am a New Yorker and I enjoy learning about the ‘Greatest City in the World!’

Cars, Culture and The City explains in visual detail how the automobile entered the Big Apple in the early 1900’s, the introduction of automobile shows, which are still in existence today in NYC I believe at the Javits Center, cars designed in New York, futuristic design, NY films and cars, and the car challenges of New York. There is so much to see and learn at this exhibit. I found the entire exhibit fascinating and it caused several ah-ha moments for me. My favorite portion of the exhibit was the compilation shown high up on a white wall of all the amazing movies that have featured New York City and the car. The looped video showed films and television, such as Solid Gold Cadillac, Midnight Cowboy, Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Vanilla Sky, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Fever, When Harry Met Sally, and much more.

If you like history, cars, Hollywood films, sketching or would like to experience a museum on Museum Mile that is not crowded or expensive ($10 bucks a visit), then go see Cars, Culture and The City exhibit in Spanish Harlem at the Museum of the City of New York. It’s there until August 8!

Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.
New York, NY 10029