Harlem mommy creates Cabbages & Kings

After being gone from Harlem a few days and returning to all the depressing reports about several businesses closing, I had to seek out new and inspiring information to blog about. I didn’t have to go far thanks to Harlem readers filling my inbox. I came across information sent in-and oh so cute-about Cabbages & Kings. You’re probably asking, what is that? Hint: Harlem mom’s may want to listen up!

Cabbages & Kings is an online kids clothing store that was recently started by Alexandra Gizela, a Harlem resident, mom, and a native New Yorker. Cabbages & Kings offers “multi-functional, design-conscious accessory line for kids, with their current collection comprised of scarves and leg warmers.” When I checked out their website, I immediately fell in love with the turquoise leg warmers for infants and then I had to learn more about this Harlem mommy/entrepreneur. So I presented a few questions to fellow Harlem Gal Alex Gizela and here is what she had to say.

HG: How long have you lived in Harlem?
AG: I am from New York City originally. I grew up on the Upper Eastside, lived in Chelsea and am now I have made Harlem my home. I have been in Harlem for close to 5 years.

HG: What’s your favorite thing to do in Harlem with your child?
AG: I love going with Luella to Morningside Park! Luella’s favorite part of this Harlem park is the pond where the turtles sun bath.

HG: Do you have plans to sell your product locally at a store in Harlem?
AG: Yes, right now I am online only. However, I am definitely looking to sell in specialty boutiques come September. There are not many boutiques in Harlem, however I am thinking of targeting places such as Swing, Aysa Boutique, You Me N’ Dupri, maybe Grandma’s Place-even though they mostly offer toys. Who knows? Maybe they [Grandma’s Place] will introduce some accessories!

HG: Aside from the leggings and scarves, do you plan to expand beyond those products?
AG: For now, I am focusing on accessories, but there are some additional items that are brewing for Fall/Winter 2013.

HG: And why should Harlemites buy your product?
AG: Because Harlemites are cool and are ahead of the game…mirroring Cabbages & Kings.

To learn more about Alexandra and her Cabbages & Kings, check out her website!

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