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Harlem’s Thelma Golden and Duro Olowu featured in Town & Country Magazine


In the February issue of Town & Country, Thelma Golden, director and chief curator of the Studio Museum Harlem, and Duro Olowu, Golden’s clothing designer husband, are featured in the affluent magazine mentioning that Olowu has inked a deal with JCPenny where his clothes, accessories and other items will be sold at JCP and online starting this coming March-all for under $90. Very cool. And apparently our First Lady Michelle Obama is a big supporter of Olowu. Double cool.

To view the entire article, purchase the February issue of Town & Country.

Where to purchase a Harlem tee?

A reader from Plano, Texas recently wrote HarlemGal Inc asking where can one purchase a t-shirt that says Harlem on it if one doesn’t live in Harlem? The answer: there are plenty of options to purchase a Harlem tee if you don’t live in Harlem!

The largest Harlem online community on Facebook known as Harlem NYC recently started to sell unisex t-shirts that say…what else, but Harlem NYC on it. Go here to purchase a t-shirt for $12.50. To get that price, more than 50 t-shirts have to be printed.

On twitter, several followers have told HarlemGal that a site called Harlem Lives sells men and women t-shirts that say Harlem on it. And apparently, there is a sale going on at this site according to a follower. Harlem Lives tees run from about $19 to $25.

Harlem Underground offers consumers the opportunity to buy Harlem t-shirts online and in stores as well. Harlem Underground has two locations. Their first is on 20 East 125th Street. And recently, they opened their second store in Harlem on Frederick Douglass Blvd between 119th Street and 120th. Harlem Underground tees cost from $16 all the way up to $30.

Harlem t-shirts are also offered in stores only at Swing Concept and Bebenoir in Harlem. And let’s not forget along 125th Street. Street vendors sell Harlem t-shirts for as low as $10!

If there are other places to purchase Harlem t-shirts, drop us line here in the comments section!

Harlem mommy creates Cabbages & Kings

After being gone from Harlem a few days and returning to all the depressing reports about several businesses closing, I had to seek out new and inspiring information to blog about. I didn’t have to go far thanks to Harlem readers filling my inbox. I came across information sent in-and oh so cute-about Cabbages & Kings. You’re probably asking, what is that? Hint: Harlem mom’s may want to listen up!

Cabbages & Kings is an online kids clothing store that was recently started by Alexandra Gizela, a Harlem resident, mom, and a native New Yorker. Cabbages & Kings offers “multi-functional, design-conscious accessory line for kids, with their current collection comprised of scarves and leg warmers.” When I checked out their website, I immediately fell in love with the turquoise leg warmers for infants and then I had to learn more about this Harlem mommy/entrepreneur. So I presented a few questions to fellow Harlem Gal Alex Gizela and here is what she had to say.

HG: How long have you lived in Harlem?
AG: I am from New York City originally. I grew up on the Upper Eastside, lived in Chelsea and am now I have made Harlem my home. I have been in Harlem for close to 5 years.

HG: What’s your favorite thing to do in Harlem with your child?
AG: I love going with Luella to Morningside Park! Luella’s favorite part of this Harlem park is the pond where the turtles sun bath.

HG: Do you have plans to sell your product locally at a store in Harlem?
AG: Yes, right now I am online only. However, I am definitely looking to sell in specialty boutiques come September. There are not many boutiques in Harlem, however I am thinking of targeting places such as Swing, Aysa Boutique, You Me N’ Dupri, maybe Grandma’s Place-even though they mostly offer toys. Who knows? Maybe they [Grandma’s Place] will introduce some accessories!

HG: Aside from the leggings and scarves, do you plan to expand beyond those products?
AG: For now, I am focusing on accessories, but there are some additional items that are brewing for Fall/Winter 2013.

HG: And why should Harlemites buy your product?
AG: Because Harlemites are cool and are ahead of the game…mirroring Cabbages & Kings.

To learn more about Alexandra and her Cabbages & Kings, check out her website!

White T-Shirts Are Fashion and Function in Harlem says New York Times

I am so out of it on fashion in Harlem, but thank goodness I checked The Times this morning. They are reporting that white t-shirts are the in thing at the moment. The New York Times strolled Apollo Theater, the Studio Museum and the shopping strip, 125th Stree, in Harlem recently and reports that “in Harlem wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans and red sneakers” is sick! Take a look at the video!

Marcus Samuelsson and Maya Gate Haile of Harlem featured in June issue of Vogue magazine

I was flipping through my digital copy of Vogue-June 2012 edition and came across a sharp-looking photo of Marcus Samuelsson and his wife Maya, who reside in Harlem. They are in the most recent issue of Vogue because the mag is featuring Marcus’ latest book titled Yes, Chef, a memoir. (I didn’t even know Marcus had a memoir out until now. I guess he does not want to do an autobiography?) The Vogue writer characterizes the book as “moving and sometimes harrowing.”

To read an excerpt of Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson, purchase the June edition of Vogue magazine or to read the entire book, pre-order online. It is coming out next month!