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Frederick Cafe Bistro takes credit cards

I went by Frederick Cafe Bistro this morning (June 22) to get an iced latte and a blueberry muffin, and found out they take credit cards as another form of payment. I assumed the cafe only took cash because it is under the same ownership as bier international, which I believe they only take cash, so this was a nice surprise this morning to find out I can use my credit card at Frederick Cafe Bistro!

If you haven’t stopped by Frederick Cafe Bistro, it’s on the southeast corner of FDB and 114th Street! They offer delicious coffee, pastries and pressed sandwiches!

Frederick Cafe Bistro in Harlem is open, stop by for a fresh cup of coffee

On my way home from yoga this morning (May 12), I noticed that Frederick Cafe Bistro in Harlem appeared to be open. I walked in to double-check and it is definitely open for business. I had a delicious cappuccino!

Drop in and check out Frederick Douglass Blvd’s newest eatery. At the moment Frederick Cafe Bistro, located on the corner of 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., is serving a full line of hot coffees, i.e. latte, cappuccino, etc. and pastries. A complete menu, which will include hot and cold sandwiches, will be available at a later date.

While my hot coffee drink was delicious, sipping it in a freshly decorated place made it that much sweeter. The decor and layout of Frederick Cafe Bistro is fantastic! The Harlem bistro even pays tribute to Frederick Douglass himself with some of his quotes stenciled throughout the cafe. The quotes are simple, classic and thoughtful. Chris and Ousmane clearly want patrons to know that when they visit their bistro they are in Harlem and their place is named after a very famous African-American.

Again, go by and see the place for yourself! Frederick Cafe Bistro is located at 2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd. Phone is 212-222-0075.

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Frederick Cafe Bistro in Harlem aiming to open in late April, logo is ready

If you like the product and services at bier international in Harlem, i.e. great food and beer selection, then you’re probably gonna want to check out their next place of business in Harlem when it opens, which is Frederick Cafe Bistro. The second Harlem business for bier international will be located on the corner of…you guessed it, Frederick Douglass Blvd and 114th, and Chris and Ousmane, co-owners of bier and now Frederick Cafe Bistro, are working around the clock to get the Cafe up and running. The owners are aiming for late April to open the corner bistro. Also, their logo is ready! That’s a promising sign that an opening date is near!

As for the menu, there is no word yet on what will be offered. However, I have complete faith that Frederick Cafe Bistro will be a hit in Harlem. Why? Chris and Ousmane have done a fantastic job with bier international. That place has been hopping since day one of opening and hasn’t slowed down since. I see the results with my own eyes. I walk by bier practically every day.

Furthermore, I will put the success of bier international into baseball terms. Chris and Ousmane hit the ball right out of the park with opening bier in Harlem. They got it right and I have no doubt their business model for Frederick Cafe Bistro in Harlem will be executed with the same level of detail and energy as they did with bier international. The only problem I foresee happening-and Harlemites might agree-is deciding where to hang. Am I  in the mood for bier international or Frederick Cafe Bistro? Ahh, decisions, decisions! That’s what I call a good problem!

Bier international in Harlem takes over Society Cafe commercial space

Thank goodness for readers and their juicy tips. Those tips can eventually lead to correct facts. For example, look at our post about a Japanese restaurant opening on Frederick Douglass Blvd. The Winery is opening up the Japanese restaurant. Now the latest tip in is how the owner(s) of bier international in Harlem have taken over the commercial space of where Society Cafe use to be. Society was located on the southeast corner of 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd before it closed in 2011.

Apparently the plans for this space on FDB and 114th Street are to keep it as it was, a cafe, where sandwiches and coffee are sold. The other tip is that the place will more than likely be called Cafe Frederick! Not a bad name…right?

Once this new cafe opens, all the commercial space in the Gateway Tower will be filled and another place can be added to the Frederick Douglass Blvd tourist map, a.k.a. restaurant row, which The Daily News reported on recently.

Update: The name of this establishment ended up being named Frederick Cafe Bistro.