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Bier international in Harlem takes over Society Cafe commercial space

Thank goodness for readers and their juicy tips. Those tips can eventually lead to correct facts. For example, look at our post about a Japanese restaurant opening on Frederick Douglass Blvd. The Winery is opening up the Japanese restaurant. Now the latest tip in is how the owner(s) of bier international in Harlem have taken over the commercial space of where Society Cafe use to be. Society was located on the southeast corner of 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd before it closed in 2011.

Apparently the plans for this space on FDB and 114th Street are to keep it as it was, a cafe, where sandwiches and coffee are sold. The other tip is that the place will more than likely be called Cafe Frederick! Not a bad name…right?

Once this new cafe opens, all the commercial space in the Gateway Tower will be filled and another place can be added to the Frederick Douglass Blvd tourist map, a.k.a. restaurant row, which The Daily News reported on recently.

Update: The name of this establishment ended up being named Frederick Cafe Bistro.


Is a Japanese restaurant the next place to open on Harlem’s Frederick Douglass Blvd?

For those of you who were hoping that the next place to open up in Harlem on or near Frederick Douglass Blvd would be a diner, sorry to tell you, it’s not happening. However, if you wanted a Japanese restaurant to open in Harlem, your wish is highly likely to come true! A few reliable readers have tipped off HarlemGal Inc about how the last remaining commercial space in The Douglass Condo, located on the northeast corner of FDB and 114th, has been rented out and the space is being prepped for a restaurant, a Japanese restaurant to be exact! This restaurant would be located to the left of Land Yoga.

We also hear the person behind leasing this space is an existing Harlem business owner. Their first business was on FDB, but then moved the same business around the corner and is still operating there. The planned Japanese restaurant we are talking about will be their second separate business in Harlem-and not far from the first business.

So there you have it! No diner is coming any time soon. Just sushi, sake, edamame and probably a lot more will be offered soon in this space in Harlem. Workers have been seen on site daily so who knows when this new Japanese restaurant will open. Hopefully in 2012! Will keep you posted!