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See Peter Woytuk on Broadway Exhibition in West Harlem

If you’re up on 137th Street and Broadway this weekend you may see a giant pair of Sheep? Or if you head 20 blocks south on Broadway you may witness A Conversation…in large form? Don’t panic if you see animals in mass along Broadway! It’s actually Peter Woytuk on Broadway, a major exhibition of bronze sculptures, being displayed on the Upper Westside, West Harlem and Washington Heights.

The sculptures from this exhibition located in West Harlem include: Bridging the Gap at Broadway and 114th Street; A Conversation at Broadway at 117th Street; Sheep Pair at 137th Street Montefiore Park; and A Rail of Ravens on Broadway between 139th to 140th Streets.

Who is Peter Woytuk? Apparently, he is globally known for his sculptures of animals. He “cleverly reduces their shapes to essential forms, allowing the power and elegance of his subjects to  become both graceful and whimsical expressions of mass.”

So who needs to head South in Manhattan to see interesting sculptures when all us Harlemites have to do is head West from October 21, 2011, through April 2012 to see Peter Woytuk on Broadway! Check out the map below of all the animal sculptures along Broadway!

Sneak peek at agenda for Frederick Douglass Circle Dedication in Harlem September 20

The dedication of the Frederick Douglass Circle, located at the intersection West 110th Street and FDB, is definitely on for next week, September 20, starting at 11 a.m. and HarlemGal Inc. has the scoop on some of the agenda.

Actor and Tony Award-nominee Andre De Shields will perform and channel Frederick Douglass in front of all the guests and dignitaries. De Shields is well-known for this and performed as Frederick Douglass in 2009. See video below.

Impact Repertory Theatre and Harlem School of the Arts will give performances. And a direct descendent of Frederick Douglass will be present and either acknowledged or part of the speaking agenda.

So far, there’s no word on whether Mayor Bloomberg will be on hand for the dedication.  However, there will be several local representatives in attendance.

Not too bad of an agenda to start! Now that we have a sneak peek of the Frederick Douglass Circle Dedication, the next question is are you attending? Chime in if you plan on attending this event!

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