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Watch Harlem in Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry the Night’ music video

Lady Gaga has premiered her latest music video, “Marry The Night,” and Harlem plays a part.  Watch the video. I believe she is dancing right by Fairway! Similar to the next Spiderman movie, she choose under the Viaduct in West Harlem to dance the night way in her latest music video. What is it with that part of Harlem that the entertainment industry keeps using in their films or video? I guess those high arched steel beams photograph well. See the video for yourself by clicking on the picture below!

Super, super cool photos of Lady Gaga in Harlem

There has been a boat load of news coverage about Lady Gaga filming her latest music video called Marry the Night in Harlem. However, UK-based The Daily Mail has published the best pictures by far of Lady Gaga in Harlem-once on Friday, October 14 and today, October 16. Check them out! Aren’t they super cool?