Milk Burger in East Harlem one degree separation from Anthony Bourdain

I tell ya! At the moment, there is no such thing as bad PR for East Harlem’s Milk Burger, the new hamburger hot spot at 2056 Second Avenue. After the little viral spat that happened a few weeks ago regarding Milk Burger allegedly burger-izing Shake Shack, who knew where Milk Burger was heading. Actually, I sort of knew its potential from that incident and now DNAInfo is reporting that Anthony Bourdain’s wife has given Milk Burger a thumbs up on twitter…to more than 18,000 followers! I guess this makes Milk Burger one degree separation from the Travel Channel star and Chef. Not bad! I am wondering now who will be next to step forward and so candidly and openly endorse Milk Burger? Any guess?

There could potentially be another ringing endorsement in Milk Burger’s future, but no one will beat this 140 character endorsement by Mrs. Bourdain: “I actually enjoyed my Milk Burger and I love that they deliver. Shake Shack is still my husband but Milk Burger can be my booty call.” Get that women her own TV show…and another burger!

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