What have you eaten at Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem?


Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem turns one week old today and so far the feedback has been positive – at least online from what I have seen. Have you been to Cedric Bistro located at 119th Street and St. Nicholas Ave? If so, tell us what you had for dinner or lunch!

I went with four women this past Thursday and we had a nice time. We ordered a bottle of red wine and started with the Thai mussels with ginger and lemon grass. For our main course, we had grilled salmon, organic roasted chicken, pan seared duck breast, another order of mussels and had plenty of bread and fries to nimble on. We did not have dessert because we were actually full from the main dishes. All these dishes were very good and recommended, service met and, at times exceeded, our expectation and the ambiance was classy.

After we were finished with dinner, we talked about the state of Cedric Bistro among other fabulous dining places in Harlem, such as Red Rooster, Lido Harlem, Settepani, 5 and Diamond, etc., and we all mutually agreed Cedric Bistro deserves a thumbs up. It will do well in Harlem and from our experience on dining there on day four of opening-Cedric French Bistro and Bar is here to stay! Go and experience the place for yourself and tell us what you think!




11 responses to “What have you eaten at Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem?

  1. Grammar correction: What have you “eaten” at Cedric’s…

  2. I was the ‘organic roasted chicken’ part of this group and can say that considering the constant flow of patrons, the service was excellent. I’d like to try their lunch menu.

  3. I had the Tuna Tartare, delicious and so light! The seasonal veggie risotto appetizer was yummy as well. I will be back there soon!!!

  4. how are the prices

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