Is Melba’s restaurant in Harlem open or closed?

Another Harlem blog posted a question yesterday to their site asking: Has Melba’s on 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd shuttered? As of this evening, HarlemGal has the the answer. It’s no!

This blog walked by there this evening and all the lights were on and people were inside! 

What prompted the questions around the status of Melba Wilson’s ten year old restaurant on Harlem’s restaurant row is that someone snapped a photo of that infamous sticker from the City slapped on the restaurant’s grey metal rolling gate. Ouch!

Hopefully, going forward, this type of uncertainty about whether Melba’s restaurant is opened or closed is a thing of the past. Fingers are crossed!

3 responses to “Is Melba’s restaurant in Harlem open or closed?

  1. Not a joke. I had reservations for last night and the place shuttered…. with a “seized” sign on the door.

    I lived the place. Would like to know what’s up???

    • So sorry to hear. We walked by tonight and the place was open. The details will come out eventually. Of course as soon as we know something, we will pass along. Thanks for commenting.

  2. They have a C health grade but don’t post it. They deserve to be shuttered

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