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Is Melba’s restaurant in Harlem open or closed?

Another Harlem blog posted a question yesterday to their site asking: Has Melba’s on 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd shuttered? As of this evening, HarlemGal has the the answer. It’s no!

This blog walked by there this evening and all the lights were on and people were inside! 

What prompted the questions around the status of Melba Wilson’s ten year old restaurant on Harlem’s restaurant row is that someone snapped a photo of that infamous sticker from the City slapped on the restaurant’s grey metal rolling gate. Ouch!

Hopefully, going forward, this type of uncertainty about whether Melba’s restaurant is opened or closed is a thing of the past. Fingers are crossed!

More room at Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem

She’s got a new book out and more space to dine in for her customers! Nice way to start the summer! That’s Melba Wilson I’m talking about. You know, the original HarlemGal who always says “born, bred and buttered in Harlem.”

Wilson purchased the space next door, which I believe was a hair salon, for her restaurant called Melba’s located on the southwest corner of 114th Street and Frederick Dougkass Blvd. 

Next time you stop by Melba’s, there will be more elbow room to eat those waffles with fried chicken and hopefully no more wait lines! Congrats Melba!

Pop star Katy Perry dines on Harlem’s restaurant row, Melba’s Restaurant

What a week so far for Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem! On Monday night, Christine Quinn, NYC mayoral candidate, stopped by for a women’s event. Last night, Tuesday, singing star Katy Perry and her posse dined in Harlem at Melba’s on 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd.

Ironically, Tuesday nights at Melba’s is open mic night. Did Katy Perry sing at Melba’s? According to our source, who sent us the info along with photos, say Ms. Perry “enjoyed a delicious meal and the entertainment after still relaxing from all the hectic festivities from the MTV VMAs.”

Melba’s Restaurant in Harlem is not only known for her down to earth comfort food, but also for its celebrity sightings such as: Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Tamar and Vince. Clearly, celebrities love coming to Harlem and places, such as Melba’s. Harlem is a great getaway for celebs that want to venture uptown and get some privacy versus the downtown madness.


Attend Guiltless Gourmet for a Healthy Harlem, an event to help stop hunger

According to a news release by Beth-Hark Christian Counseling Center (BHCCC), there is an estimated 1.4 million New York City residents who are food insecure and rely on the city’s network of emergency food organizations. BHCCC hopes to VanKline223raise $20,000 through their second annual Guiltless Gourmet for a Healthy Harlem Celebrity Food Tasting and Silent Auction. Funds raised will help the organization keep pace with an increasing demand for emergency food services driven by food insecurity. Guiltless Gourmet for A Healthy Harlem takes place Friday, March 22 at Harlem’s Gran Piatto d’Oro on Fifth Avenue and brings together the celebrity chef triumvirate of Melba’s Melba Wilson (Food Networks’ former Fat Chef), Kimberly Van Kline of Passion for Palate Catering and Ronaldo Calle of Gran Piatto d’Oro.

Guiltless Gourmet for a Healthy Harlem will open with a VIP Reception/Chef Rolando2_smallerMeet and Greet followed by Food Tasting and Silent Auction. Guests will sample a range of celebrity chef gourmet delights from appetizers to main dishes and bid on auction items from jewelry to vacations with starting bids as low as $50. Two-tiered priced Guiltless Gourmet tickets are $65.00 for Food Tasting and Auction. The $75.00 tickets include admission to the Guiltless Gourmet VIP event. Tickets can be purchased at God’s Answer Bookstore and BHCCC offices co-located at Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. BHCCC is the social services arm of Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. For more information visit www.bethharkccc.org.

Dallas Cowboys owner dines at Harlem’s Melba’s Restaurant hoping for good luck

The New York Post reported yesterday (January 3) in their Page Six section that Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas, Texas Cowboy Football team, dined in Harlem this past Sunday before the big game, which they lost to the New York Giants. Jones dined at long time, Harlem establishment Melba’s Restaurant, located on the southwest corner of 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., for some good luck. Jones wanted specific southern dish items, i.e. black-eyed peas and collard greens, but apparently did not get what he wanted. Melba’s was out of those items (wink, wink). I guess this explains why Tony Romo was sacked a couple of times during the game. Jones did not get to eat his lucky meal.

On a personal note, I actually wish I would have seen the Cowboys owner in Harlem myself for a pic! I would have scored major points with some members of my family. I have several family members that love the Cowboys. Next time they visit me in Harlem, how much do you want to bet they’re gonna want to eat at Melba’s?  Why? Cause the food is darn good, try the catfish…and Jerry went there.