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New York Giants and Superbowl Champ Victor Cruz spotted at Harlem’s Chocolat

Clearly, people in the NFL love dining in Harlem, especially on Harlem’s restaurant row, i.e., Frederick Douglass Blvd. First, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys was seen dining at Melba’s Restaurant a couple of months ago. Now Chocolat Restaurant and Lounge in Harlem states on their Facebook page that NY Giants wide receiver, Superbowl Champ and excellent salsa dancer (from what I hear) Victor Cruz was seen dining at the Harlem restaurant located at 2223 FDB. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the photo below.

And ladies, we need to time our visits to Chocolat much better. Seeing Victor Cruz while dining at Chocolat in Harlem would have been a major bonus! Don’t ya think!


Dallas Cowboys owner dines at Harlem’s Melba’s Restaurant hoping for good luck

The New York Post reported yesterday (January 3) in their Page Six section that Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas, Texas Cowboy Football team, dined in Harlem this past Sunday before the big game, which they lost to the New York Giants. Jones dined at long time, Harlem establishment Melba’s Restaurant, located on the southwest corner of 114th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd., for some good luck. Jones wanted specific southern dish items, i.e. black-eyed peas and collard greens, but apparently did not get what he wanted. Melba’s was out of those items (wink, wink). I guess this explains why Tony Romo was sacked a couple of times during the game. Jones did not get to eat his lucky meal.

On a personal note, I actually wish I would have seen the Cowboys owner in Harlem myself for a pic! I would have scored major points with some members of my family. I have several family members that love the Cowboys. Next time they visit me in Harlem, how much do you want to bet they’re gonna want to eat at Melba’s?  Why? Cause the food is darn good, try the catfish…and Jerry went there.

Is Emmitt Smith aiming to be the next Magic Johnson of Harlem?

Apr 30, 2010 @ 18:20
By HarlemGal
Like most blogs, we received the same, interesting alert about Emmitt Smith and his posse of investors plans to open a hotel on the southwest corner of Lenox Avenue and 125th Street. The Wall Street Journal broke the story today (Friday) saying that Smith and the unnamed investors went to the City recently asking for close to $20 million in financial assistance! In my view, that is small change given what has been doled out by the Feds as bail out money to some companies located in lower Manhattan. I hope the City gives the former Dallas Cowboy the financial backing he is requesting so that he can join in and achieve the equal level of success that Magic Johnson has achieved in Harlem. Johnson’s movies theaters appear to have done well in Harlem. Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned.