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Harlem attracts cool crowds of NYC downtown says Guest of a Guest

Guest of a Guest, the website co-founded by one of the Winklevoss twins whose been battling Mark Zuckerberg for what seems like ages now, has a feature on Harlem this week. It is quite complimentary, however, it doesn’t say anything new that we Harlemites know already. The article names a list of places to check out and most of them mentioned I agree are great places to visit. However, a true Harlem native writing about Harlem would have dug a bit deeper.

For example, Lido Italian Restaurant and Bar gives Red Rooster a run for its money, not only in food, but in ambiance as well. The same goes for Cedric French Bistro and Bar in Harlem! What about mentioning a place in East Harlem? Milk Burger has been endorsed by Anthony Bourdain and his lovely Mrs! Also, when you visit Shrine one can’t miss Yatenga, which is a fun place to hang.

Again, as most of us Harlemites know, there are a ton of cool places to hang in Harlem. Guest of a Guest apparently is just coming around (a bit late) and finding out, but hey, let’s welcome it!

To read the full article, click here.

Harlem Lanes is a ‘strike’ full of fun

Jun 16, 2010 @ 15:30


By HarlemGal
It’s mid week and you’re wondering what you should do for fun on a Thursday? We were asking ourselves that same question recently. We solved it with one simple idea: Let’s go bowling! And that we did! We headed to Harlem Lanes located at 2116 7th Avenue (between 125th and 126th Street) on a Thursday night recently and had a blast!
There are a ton of things to do in Harlem, however we wanted something different, yet playful. Harlem Lanes was the perfect solution. It is a two level, 24 lane bowling alley and entertainment complex with a bar and cafe.
For a couple of hours, we bowled two games at $6 dollars each. Our shoe rental was $5 bucks a piece. Drinks were around $10 and very tasty I might add. They put whip cream on their piña coladas. Yum.
While at Harlem Lanes, we laughed, danced a little to the music being played from the jukebox-at least I did, made fun of our bowling skills and at times watched the other people in the lanes close by who were great at bowling. One cannot help but stare at those who seem to get a strike at every turn. It’s a natural tendency…right? Then you ask yourself, why can’t I do that?
We did all this for very little and had a great time! Plus we walked home from there. We did not have to trek back uptown! However, we stress going on a week night. There were plenty of lanes available, limited crowds; and not much of a wait for drinks.
So if you want to do something fun, different and close to home on a week night, check out the first bowling alley to open in Harlem since the eighties. Harlem Lanes is the perfect to do during the week!

Harlem Lanes
2116 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10027-4411
(212) 678-2695