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Harlem’s Tonnie’s Minis to hold First Annual Customer Appreciation Day

Tonnie’s Minis, Harlem’s delicious cup cake shop at 264 Lenox Avenue, is dedicating a day to say “Thanks” to their customers.  They are holding their First Annual Customer Appreciation Day and it’s happening this coming Saturday, August 27. The event starts at noon and goes to 9:00 p.m. Check out details on their facebook page.

Should be a fun event. I saw where someone said they can’t wait to try the cupcake shots. Yummy! If that’s the kind of shots they will be having at this event, I am so there. See you at Tonnie’s Minis in Harlem this Saturday!

Harlem Lanes is a ‘strike’ full of fun

Jun 16, 2010 @ 15:30


By HarlemGal
It’s mid week and you’re wondering what you should do for fun on a Thursday? We were asking ourselves that same question recently. We solved it with one simple idea: Let’s go bowling! And that we did! We headed to Harlem Lanes located at 2116 7th Avenue (between 125th and 126th Street) on a Thursday night recently and had a blast!
There are a ton of things to do in Harlem, however we wanted something different, yet playful. Harlem Lanes was the perfect solution. It is a two level, 24 lane bowling alley and entertainment complex with a bar and cafe.
For a couple of hours, we bowled two games at $6 dollars each. Our shoe rental was $5 bucks a piece. Drinks were around $10 and very tasty I might add. They put whip cream on their piña coladas. Yum.
While at Harlem Lanes, we laughed, danced a little to the music being played from the jukebox-at least I did, made fun of our bowling skills and at times watched the other people in the lanes close by who were great at bowling. One cannot help but stare at those who seem to get a strike at every turn. It’s a natural tendency…right? Then you ask yourself, why can’t I do that?
We did all this for very little and had a great time! Plus we walked home from there. We did not have to trek back uptown! However, we stress going on a week night. There were plenty of lanes available, limited crowds; and not much of a wait for drinks.
So if you want to do something fun, different and close to home on a week night, check out the first bowling alley to open in Harlem since the eighties. Harlem Lanes is the perfect to do during the week!

Harlem Lanes
2116 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10027-4411
(212) 678-2695

Tonnie’s Minis from Harlem now available at Bloomingdales

Mar 31, 2010 @ 12:00

By HarlemGal

Did you know the cupcakes from Tonnie’s Minis located at 264 Lenox Avenue are now available at Bloomingdales? I learned this from this television report. That’s wonderful news for Tonnie and his fans. Fans and newcomers have two options to purchase cupcake treats. At Bloomies, you can get a California size cupcake or a mini, but if you can’t get to that gigantic department store for a delicious bite of a Tonnie’s Minis cupcake, don’t fret. The other options is to go to the boutique store in Harlem located at 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue.

I went there recently with a friend visiting from Africa. The place is so cute with a bright orange awning and it smells divine when you enter! The sweet smell exists due to the fact that the room is filled with so many cupcake options. If you want a grande cupcake with your choice of icing, no problem! They have it!

If you want a pequeno size or two, go with the mini! Of course, when my friend and I went to Tonnie’s, out of all the cupcakes we could have purchased, we went with the red velvet mini cupcake. Yum! Why break with tradition…right? Eating red velvet anything (cake or cupcake) is a natural tendency when you live in Harlem. Want to partake in this tendency? Head on over to Tonnie’s Minis by foot or on the 2/3 subway line! You will enjoy the cupcake experience as well as a nice and spacious walk along Lenox Avenue!

Tonnie’s Minis
264 Lenox Avenue (123 ST )
Harlem, NY 10027
T: 212-831- 5292/5293


What a difference a day makes for Ryan Skeen’s 5 & Diamond in Harlem

Mar 17, 2010 @ 7:30


By HarlemGal
As that familiar saying goes, what a difference a day makes. I walked by 5 & Diamond, the latest addition to Harlem’s restaurant scene, Tuesday evening and the place looked completely different from Sunday night, which then looked a bit disheveled. The tables are now organized and set with glasses. The bar, or what looked like a bar, was being stocked and one of the investors was on site, i.e. Chef Ryan Skeen. He was there talking away on the phone in what appeared to be a telephone media interview. Clearly, they had some sort of PR push Tuesday cause there are several online articles about the place and the menu was released to NY Magazine.


I inquired again about opening day.  The folks on site said they would not be ready to open on Wednesday, hopefully Thursday or Friday (March 18 or 19th)  at best. Either way, we all have another option for dining to choose from in Harlem and you can pretty much count on HCL to visit the place soon!

2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York 10026
(Btwn 112th & 113th St)
T: (646) 684-4662

5 & Diamond is the new restaurant on Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem

Mar 16, 2010 @ 14:26
By HarlemGal
We now know the name of the restaurant space we have been following for months! It is called 5 & Diamond located at 2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd. The chef will be Ryan Skeen.

From the pics below, workers have been working overtime and told us they are suppose to open tomorrow night, Wednesday. Yikes! Ahh…it appears they have a lot to do from these pics. Stay tune for more info!!!!

WATCH: How to make it in Harlem

Mar 15, 2010 @ 23:09
By HarlemGal
I believe we can all agree there are a lot of video parodies and spinoffs out in cyberspace about popular TV shows or films, and some of those ideas take off and become contagious-if they are presented in a timely and creative manner. Here is one video trailer that embodies those qualities-and “is divine.” The video trailer How to make it in Harlem appears to be some sort of spinoff of HBO’s How to make it in America. I don’t know a thing about the artist rapping in this video  and I can’t say that it is going to make me go out and buy their album. However, what I can say is I really like this video and it did get me to stop, pay attention and post. That’s some powerful stuff given this artist is entirely unknown to me…until now.

I just want to give the folks behind this video some serious props! I think this video is packaged perfectly. They created a darn good video featuring major buildings, people, monuments, and intersections that identify every beautiful inch of Harlem. And the timing in releasing this video couldn’t be better since HBO’s How to make it in America is airing right now, which I have not seen and will more than likely now check it out.

What do you think of this video trailer? Do you like it or not?