David Martinez out, Darryl Burnette in as new chef at 5 and Diamond Harlem

New York Magazine’s Grub Street reported yesterday that Harlem’s 5 and Diamond has named a new chef…for the third time! It’s Darryl Burnette, who was with BG at Bergdorf Goodman and has been the guest chef at 5 and Diamond Harlem for their Supper Club events.

We have tasted Darryl’s food creations and let us say, it did not disappoint. He is a highly skilled chef and can cook up some great dishes! My only concern is the high turnover rate for this restaurant. It has not been open that long! Maybe chefs and management/owners are like dating? Ya gotta keep dating until you find the one! Once you find the right chef, you’ll marry them and food will be created happily ever after.

Congrats to Darryl and we wish him the best! And here’s hoping to a third times the charm!

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